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Subject: OS/2-NetWare Users List: Warpstock 2003 presentation proposal
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2003 01:06:41 EST5EDT4,M4.1,M10.5
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I think some awareness on the state of the aged Netware Client for OS/2, eCS is critical to try and get a refresh of the client.

>session on wireless networking under OS/2). The title of this
>presentation is tentatively "Connecting OS/2 Clients to NetWare
>Networks," and proposes to cover the following areas of interest:
>   * Current state of the OS/2 NetWare Requester, including an overview
>     of the latest patches available

The latest patches on the client for eCS only help a disappearing IPX protocol.

>   * Installation & configuration of the requester on an OS/2 or eCS
>     workstation, with an eye toward potential traps & pitfalls
>   * Techniques for automatic & semi-automatic login

The Netware client for eCS ONLY ALLOWS for a Bindery Login (that I am aware of) on the latest versions of Netware as long as IPX
protocol exists on the local network. NO login is available in a PURE IP Environment which Novell is pushing hard for.

>   * Survey of OS/2 functionality under different versions of NetWare
>     from 3.12 through 6.0
>   * Managing NetWare servers from OS/2 stations: what's possible &
>     what isn't

Managing only Netware 5.1 or Higher with IManager is possible  - reason is IMANAGER is done in a browser so it is possible. No
client is necessary for basic server management. Authentication is done in the brower.

>   * Printing under NetWare

Only  is supported in a Queue based Netware or directly to printing device in a direct IP connection bypassing any netware at all.

>   * Workstation backup options in a NetWare environment
>   * Newer NetWare client functionality under OS/2 (iPrint, iFolder,
>     etc.): what works? how?

NO Support at all with iPrint or iFolder unless done from a browser. There is specialized client software for the win32 environment.

>   * Support options

I would love to attend but am already committeed around that time, plus travelling to US dramatically affects conversion of CDN to
USD... which becomes $$$ for me.


Vaughn Bender

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