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Subject: OS/2-NetWare Users List: Warpstock 2003 presentation proposal
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2003 22:34:38 EST5EDT4,M4.1,M10.5

I've submitted to the Warpstock 2003 speaker coordinator a proposal for a second presentation at the event this year (I'd previously proposed a session on wireless networking under OS/2). The title of this presentation is tentatively "Connecting OS/2 Clients to NetWare Networks," and proposes to cover the following areas of interest:

  * Current state of the OS/2 NetWare Requester, including an overview
    of the latest patches available
  * Installation & configuration of the requester on an OS/2 or eCS
    workstation, with an eye toward potential traps & pitfalls
  * Techniques for automatic & semi-automatic login
  * Survey of OS/2 functionality under different versions of NetWare
    from 3.12 through 6.0
  * Managing NetWare servers from OS/2 stations: what's possible &
    what isn't
  * Printing under NetWare
  * Workstation backup options in a NetWare environment
  * Newer NetWare client functionality under OS/2 (iPrint, iFolder,
    etc.): what works? how?
  * Support options

Comments? Suggestions? Anyone planning to attend Warpstock in San Francisco this year?

Lewis G Rosenthal, CNA
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New York / Northern Virginia     :      
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