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Subject: OS/2-NetWare Users List: Warpstock 2003 presentation: Connecting OS/2 Clients to NetWare Networks
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2003 22:45:16 EST5EDT4,M4.1,M10.5

Mark, I thought it best to forward your last post on the wireless list to the NetWare list. So you think I should really do a NetWare 6 install there? I'd figure that would bore the OS/2 crowd to sleep. I figured I'd come with a NetWare 6 server on a notebook and connect to that, going through a requester install on the client first.

It sure is easier to connect OS/2 to NetWare than it is to Windows servers, though. That should be something of interest to everyone!

Mark Hannan wrote:


I think explaining what Netware 6 is and how it works with OS/2.
Maybe show an install of Netware 6. I think there are some OS/2 users out
there that would be interested in this alternative to microsoft networking.
We just replaced two of our Netware 4.11 servers with Netware 6 at work
on our OS/2 process control network and it is all working pretty good.
The great thing is that it is a networking solution that has not been
by Micro$oft yet.  This fact alone may attract some people to the


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I could be persuaded, Mark.    Do you think we'll have enough
OS/2-NetWare users in attendance? I'd truly love to do a whole "how do
you connect to NetWare 6" presentation (especially since Novell seems to
completely overlook us these days). Did you have any particular areas of
interest here? Particular NetWare version(s), printing, security,
backup, management? (Some of the java tools actually work fairly well
under OS/2, and some third-party java apps - I'm thinking mainly of the
Veritas Backup Exec 9 admin console - work better under OS/2 than under

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