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Subject: SMS with >2GB file backup
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2010 08:59:10 -0400
To: OS/2 NetWare Users <>

Greetings, everyone...

It's been quiet here for some time. I have an annoyance I'd like to submit to the group for thoughts:

We use Backup Exec 9.2 (on NetWare) for backup at all of our sites (our offices as well as clients). On the OS/2 (and eCS) boxes, I am running the Backup Exec Agent, which essentially ties into the Novell SMS architecture. On non-OS/2 platforms, I have no trouble backing up large files (not that I have many, but a few Linux boxes do - on those, I'm either using RALUS or the older Backup Exec Linux Agent), however, when backing up from OS/2 and encountering a >2GB file, BE errors and skips the file. Naturally, this is a royal pain for getting the VirtualBox vdi's onto tape, as well as some really large mbox files under SeaMonkey or Thunderbird.

Any thoughts as to how to work around this?


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