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Subject: [OS2NetWare] Reply to Get Nearest Server fun
Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2005 20:30:52 -0400
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Some of my recent playing with setting up BorderManager on my own server for testing VPN connectivity led me to an interesting predicament. I thought I'd share this with everyone here, and then make an entry at in the OS/2 NetWare pages...

For some odd reason, installing BM 3.8 seems to set Reply to Get Nearest Server off. Now, perhaps this wouldn't be a real problem in a single-server environment or one in which all eDirectory servers were running NetWare. However, in my setup, I have eDirectory replicated on my W2K Advanced (isn't that a misnomer?) server (my Citrix box) and on one of my White Box Enterprise Linux machines. On the W2K box, I also run IPX (because I've found time after time that IPX is so much more resilient to soft cable faults than IP, and for many, many things, IPX just performs better - especially with some of last year's Client32 builds...can anyone say 4.83??). On the Linux box, I only run IP.

Well, I noticed after having to bring down my NetWare box to steal some RAM temporarily for a client (nice to have the same model server as a few of my clients; comes in handy for spare parts and the like...ugh...!) that when it came back up, I was all but unable to log back into it from my OS/2 web server. I got the NetWare Tools window open just fine, but when I would load my saved settings and attempt to log in, I got bounced to the bindery page to attempt connection to the server, and the first one in the list was the W2K box. I did have a valid eDir login, however, and that showed in the status bar at the bottom of NW Tools. Attempting to map a drive yielded blank lists. From the command prompt, MAP came back with "the specified server is unknown." Hmmm...

After scratching my head for about a half hour, and just about ready to try a reboot on the OS/2 machine (say it ain't so!), I put two and two together, and realized that BorderManager must have done something funky with my IPX configuration. First I tried unbinding the VPTUNNEL LAN, but that didn't do it. I reinitialized the system about three times, still to no avail. Finally, I went into INETCFG and started poking around at my protocol settings. Imagine my surprise when I found that Reply to Get Nearest Server was turned off! I turned it back on, reinitialized the system once more, and easily logged in from the OS/2 machine using my saved settings in NW Tools.

Bear this in mind the next time you have a similar login issue for no reason in particular.

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