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Subject: [OS2NetWare] SYS0255 errors copying from NW 6.5 to 2.12 requester
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2005 10:56:58 -0400

I'm the person with the SYS0255 errors.  Louis spotted the problem
immediately: we are running McAfee Netshield 4.62c on this server with NSS
volumes.  It has seemed OK, and has been used on our NW 5.0/5.1 servers
without problem (this is the first 6.5 upgrade).  

With Netshield running, files copied to the server get 128-byte, mostly NUL,
EAs, and SYS0255 errors trying to copy them back down.  Renaming the file
pops the EA to 256-bytes full of unreadable info, and the copy then works.  
With Netshield removed, the EA on the upload is identical to the original, and
the copy back down works.

We will be seeing if McAfee or Novell are willing/able to comment.  Netshield
is supposedly "Yes" certified for Netware.

... Bill Price

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