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Subject: [OS2NetWare] Developer's conference in Dresden, Germany - July, 2005
Date: Sat, 07 May 2005 00:29:54 -0400
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Sorry for what seems to have been my loong hiatus from this list. Work has been keeping me quite busy these past few months...

As many of you know by now, my team has received the bid for Warpstock 2005 in Hershey, Pennsylvania, October 6-9. If there's something any of you would really like to see at this year's event (whether NetWare or Open Enterprise Server related or otherwise), please let me know. I am planning to do a Wi-Fi clinic and perhaps another NetWare interoperability session, which may focus on dealing with pure-IP environments. I'm just ruminating right now, so feel free to jump in...

Anyway, the real purpose of this post is to let everyone know that I will be attending the conference mentioned in the subject. I will have the opportunity to speak one-on-one with several willing and able developers, and the first thing on my list will be an updated Novell client, perhaps akin to the Novel Client for Linux. SAMBA shares are great, and the NetDrive plugin does get the job done, but wouldn't it be nice to just have a client frontend which would authenticate to NetWare/OES and map drives, etc. like the old days???

Here's what I need from people on this list:

Let's go back through the features list we've kicked around before, and perhaps update it considering Novell's latest Linux-kernel push (though all my industry sources say that the NetWare kernel isn't going anywhere for quite some time, so none of us needs to worry needlessly!).

I also need an approximate count of stations which would be potential licensees for such a client, and we need to perhaps update our potential target pricing model. I seriously doubt that I'll be able to do this in an open source model, so there will be cost involved. However, depending upon the talent available and the location(s) of same, we may be able to do this economically.

Don't neglect other Novell technologies, as well: BorderManager VPN, GroupWise (aside from WebAccess, which does indeed work well from Firefox and Mozilla), etc.

Lewis G Rosenthal, CNA, CLE
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