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Subject: [OS2NetWare] Two NICs w/IPX bound; second doesn't work
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2004 10:41:41 -0600

Hi Lewis

question is , does the driver for Wifi support IPX or just IP, I ran into the same problem once, driver would only support IP

just a thought


Lewis G Rosenthal wrote:

I wonder if anyone has some ideas, here...

My previous setup was fairly straightforward: Two CONFIGs, one for wired; one for wireless. In each case, the single bound NIC was LAN0. PROTOCOL.INI entries looked like this:


  DriverName = odi2ndi$
  Bindings = ciscopcm_nif
  NETADDRESS = "I000750CA41BF"
  TOKEN-RING = "no"
  ETHERNET_802.2 = "yes"
  ETHERNET_802.3 = "no"
  ETHERNET_II = "no"
  TRACE = 0x0

For the wired CONFIG, all entries were identical except for the driver name, binding, and MAC. Everything worked.

Now, I'm using a single CONFIG, enabling both interfaces. PROTOCOL.INI looks like this:


  DriverName = odi2ndi$
  Bindings = E100BEO2_nif,ciscopcm_nif
  NETADDRESS = "I0003476D5C1A","I000750CA41BF"
  TOKEN-RING = "no","no"
  TOKEN-RING_SNAP = "no","no"
  ETHERNET_802.3 = "no","no"
  ETHERNET_802.2 = "yes","yes"
  ETHERNET_II = "no","no"
  ETHERNET_SNAP = "no","no"
  TRACE = 0x0

However, only LAN0 seems to be binding IPX (i.e., I can't find the LAN from the Wi-Fi interface, LAN1). Is there something else I should be doing to bind both NICs to IPX? I've had systems with two NICs bound to IPX before, but don't remember anything special. There are no board-specific entries in NET.CFG.



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