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Subject: [OS2NetWare] NOVELL: Running RConsoleJ on OS/2 (NetWare Cool Solutions)
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2004 12:13:23 -0500

Hi Lewis

Good job, shows lots of things like OS/2 is not dead...thanx, I use your scripts lots to administer all my 25 NEtware boxes with Rconj


Lewis G Rosenthal wrote:

<shameless plug> </shameless plug>

Hey, if we don't pat ourselves on the back once in a while, who else will? :-)

Hopefully, I've got the REXX downloading kinks worked out for people who want to pull the script(s) down from the site (Apache tried to run the .cmd file, which is kind of funny...unless you're the person waiting for the download, that is...)

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