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Subject: [OS2NetWare] NetWare 6.5 connectivity: Works like a charm
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Hi Lewis

Hey...hmmm training...awww....that is good if you can do it and do it well...keep it up. Yea..that was a chore here to get people off of IE in the school division. I can successfully say that our school division of 800+ systems or so(need to do a recount again after adding more systems this year) all have Mozilla 1.6 or better. We almost have all school division staff moved to Mozilla Thunderbird....ummm about 320 staff members ...there  abouts. Since we have done calls have dropped to almost NIL...believe it or not. I hope to later move from mozilla  to mozilla firefox as the default browser, and block the use of IE altogether using Zenwork policies.  We also have Norman Virus Control on every Desktop and Netware and eCS server in the division. Awsome product, and yes I am biased as I sell it too.  :-D

We also update the mozilla pref.js  file when a student logs in  to update the proxies and point them  to either of our two Bordermanagers. that works great, kids are filtered then.  I would love to make life simpler with print queues again, and quick logons and simpler versions of windows. I would love to get rid of M$ office but they have teaching curriculum around it. If I could find some teaching curriculum for Open Office or even Star Office (education get Staroffice free) then we could migrate away from it and go opensource more so. and save $$$$$$$$$$$$  to coincide with shrinking budgets...  :-(



Lewis G Rosenthal wrote:

Thanks for the info, Vaughn, and please pardon the tardiness of my reply. OT: I've had a busy week doing onsite training at the Queens Botanical Garden (, where we have a single NetWare 6 server running GroupWise 6.5 (recently upgraded). the workstations are all Windows 2000 Professional (sorry to say), but I have finally got everyone migrated off of IE (too much spyware!) and over to Mozilla (one step at a time, as they say). Next will be to get them from MS Office 2000 to OpenOffice. <sigh> It's just amazing to me how numbing Windows can be to users. Have I grown into such a geek that I've forgotten a time when I didn't know the difference between a local drive and a network one?

On 09/10/2004 02:41 pm, Vaughn Bender thus wrote :


with the latest LPR drivers for eCS, printing is very fast, I am impressed, without the updated  drivers  it is very slow.

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