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Subject: OT: Phoney Domain Registration scams
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2007 11:28:13 -0500
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Apologies for the intrusion, and for once (recently), this message has
nothing to do with an ongoing system problem or upcoming outage.
Instead, I am motivated to send this to the list mainly for those
subscribers whose domains we have registered or currently manage. If
this doesn't apply to you, then feel free to ignore this note.

I received today (as I have several times in the past) a solicitation
via fax for one of the domains which we registered for a client a couple
years ago from an outfit called Domain Registry Support. The fax is
official-looking in nature, citing portions of the US UDRP (Uniform
Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy) and some other legal code. While
the solicitation itself is not illegal (as far as I can tell; I'm not a
lawyer, and don;t even play one on TV), it certainly looks intimidating.
It implies that unless one contacts this outfit *immediately* (if not
sooner), the licensing rights to the domain name in question *may* be
assigned to another applicant.

This is phony baloney. In fact, there is even a little blurb on this
bunch on Wikipedia:

Anyway, a word to the wise: Whenever you receive a solicitation for your
domain name registration, please do not act without making sure that it
is from your current registrar (if your domain was registered through
us, the notice should come via email from
Whenever you receive something via fax, unless you have changed your
email address, be immediately suspicious.


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