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Subject: [OS2NetWare] NetWare 6.5 connectivity: Works like a charm
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I assume you are logging in   in   NDS mode rather than bindery/server mode?

I guess I have been doing that here in our office since NW6.5 came out.  I don't use any component of Netware for printing, just straight IP printing directly to printers

we are using a range of printers,  printing to Kyocera Photocopier, HP 4500 Color printer, HPIIID, and Kycera color printer.  All IP


Lewis G Rosenthal wrote:

In case anybody has been wondering, NetWare 6.5 (running IPX on the
wire, of course) works just fine with the 2.12 requester. In fact,
eDirectory 8.7.3 works flawlessly, with everything browsable (well,
everything one might expect to be browsable when using an NDS browser
from 1997).

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Undoubtedly, the best view is found in a pc without windows.


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