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Thomas Dennis  Re: [OS2Wireless] GenMac driver  1366K   24-Feb-10  
Oliver Mark  OS/2 Wireless Users List: Traps with unofficial Cisco wireless drivers  470K   10-Mar-03  
Julian Thomas  Re: [OS2Wireless] XWLan won't install on my T60  118K   09-Dic-10  
Jan van Wijk  miniPCI wireless card compatibility, older and newer Thinkpads  91K   12-Lug-10  
Kris Steenhaut  [OS2Wireless] Cisco  74K   21-Apr-07  
Stuart Updike  Re: [OS2Wireless] Re: Cannot get DHCP  65K   15-Ott-09  
Jens Glathe  OS/2 Wireless Users List: PCI Slot adapters for wireless PCCards with PLX chip - beta testers wanted  56K   07-Apr-03  
Christian Langanke  Status on WPA  46K   09-Ott-06  
chekmarx  Re: [OS2Wireless] Wireless router (mainly OFF TOPIC)  35K   26-Mar-10  
Rick R.  Re: [OS2Wireless]Changed -> SOCKET.SYS crash - I give up  31K   13-Ago-06  
Achim Peuster  30K   25-Feb-07  
Leon D. Zetekoff  Re: [OS2Wireless]OT: DNS Lookup tracing (was: Re: [OS2Wireless]Re: Any idea why there are so many sessions to port53? -crossposted)  28K   09-Feb-07  
Jeffrey Race  Fwd: [TechRepublic] Wi-Fi crusader in $5 router giveaway  26K   01-Lug-06  
Maurice GUERON  [OS2Wireless] Re: OS/2 Wireless Users Digest  25K   09-Feb-05  
Lewis G Rosenthal  Re: [OS2Wireless] GenMac driver  25K   24-Feb-10  
Leon D. Zetekoff  Re: [OS2Wireless] VOT (very off-topic)  24K   11-Feb-08  
KNIBBS P.M.  RE: [OS2Wireless] Wireless router  24K   26-Mar-10  
Sam Lewis  Re: [OS2Wireless] Wireless router  21K   26-Mar-10  
chekmarx  Re: [OS2Wireless] Wireless router (mainly OFF TOPIC)  21K   25-Mar-10  
Stuart Updike  Re: [OS2Wireless] Re: Cannot get DHCP  21K   12-Ott-09  
Stuart Updike  [OS2Wireless] File and Print Sharing becomes inop when two NIC adapters are installed  20K   18-Feb-05  
chekmarx  Re: [OS2Wireless] Wireless router  20K   25-Mar-10  
Rick R.  Re: [OS2Wireless]Re: OT: Regarding Warpstock  20K   02-Ott-06  
Lewis G Rosenthal  Re: [OS2Wireless]Re: OT: DNS Lookup tracing (was: Re: [OS2Wireless]Re: Any idea why there are so many sessions to port53? -crossposted)  20K   09-Feb-07  
KNIBBS P.M.  RE: [OS2Wireless] Wireless router  20K   26-Mar-10  
Rick R.  Re: [OS2Wireless]Re: OT: DNS Lookup tracing (was: Re: [OS2Wireless]Re: Any idea why there are so many sessions to port53? -crossposted)  19K   09-Feb-07  
chekmarx  Re: [OS2Wireless] Wireless router  18K   25-Mar-10  
Thomas Dennis  Re: [OS2Wireless] Driver Problem  18K   12-Feb-10  
Stan Sidlov  Re: [OS2Wireless] Re: Aircard  17K   07-Nov-09  
Mike O'Connor  Re: [OS2Wireless] Wireless router (mainly OFF TOPIC)  17K   26-Mar-10  
Rick R.  Re: [OS2Wireless]Re: OT Bluetooth  17K   08-Set-06  
Ed Durrant  Re: [OS2Wireless]Re: Getting started with GenMac  17K   31-Ott-06  
KNIBBS P.M.  RE: [OS2Wireless] Wireless router  17K   27-Mar-10  
Rick R.  Re: [OS2Wireless]Re: Bluetooth security  15K   11-Set-06  
Thomas Dennis  Re: [OS2Wireless] Driver Problem  15K   12-Feb-10  
Rick R.  Re: [OS2Wireless]Re: Changed -> SOCKET.SYS crash - I give up  15K   13-Ago-06  
Lewis G Rosenthal  [OS2Wireless] OT: ThinkPad DVD Writer Problem (was: Re: [OS2Wireless] ThinkPad DVD Writer Problem)  15K   28-Set-07  
Rick R.  Re: [OS2Wireless]Re: OT: JFS file recovery (was:hi All i know this is off-topic)  15K   09-Nov-06  
KNIBBS P.M.  RE: [OS2Wireless] Wireless router  15K   25-Mar-10  
Mike Luther  Re: [OS2Wireless] Wireless router (mainly OFF TOPIC)  15K   25-Mar-10  
Stuart Updike  Re: [OS2Wireless] Re: Cannot get DHCP  14K   13-Ott-09  
chekmarx  Re: [OS2Wireless] Wireless router  14K   25-Mar-10  
Rick R.  Re: [OS2Wireless]Re: Bluetooth security  14K   11-Set-06  
Mark Henigan  Re: [OS2Wireless] VOT (very off-topic)  13K   14-Mar-08  
Stan Sidlov  Re: [OS2Wireless] Re: Is there such a device?  13K   25-Ago-09  
Rick R.  Re: [OS2Wireless]Re: OT: JFS file recovery (was:hi All i know this is off-topic)  13K   08-Nov-06  
Stan Sidlov  Re: [OS2Wireless] Re: Aircard  13K   06-Nov-09  
Rick R.  Re: [OS2Wireless]Re: OT: JFS file recovery (was:hi All i know this is off-topic)  13K   09-Nov-06  
Rick R.  Re: [OS2Wireless]Re: Fwd: [OS2Wireless]Thinkpad Hibernation, Suspend etc.  13K   02-Ott-06  
Stan Sidlov  Re: [OS2Wireless] Re: Is there such a device?  13K   24-Ago-09  

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