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Paul kropotkin  __  1708   06-Oct-06  
Massimo S.  Re:   7233   12-Feb-07  
Massimo S.  Re:   2566   12-Feb-07  
Isaac Leung  "Debugging" GenMAC 2.0  2237   25-Nov-06  
Carl Gehr  'Throbbing' WiFi indicator on TPad T60  1811   15-Feb-09  
Lewis G Rosenthal  (3) Intel Pro/Wireless 2200BG 802.11b/g Mini-PCI cards available  2812   10-Sep-06  
Hakan  104-bit WEP Key  1752   28-Sep-06  
Ed Durrant  Re: 1802 patch.  2780   16-Oct-06  
Jeffrey Race  3Com wireless card  1725   01-Feb-09  
Hakan  3G Cards  1519   28-Sep-06  
Lewis G Rosenthal  802.11n finally ratified  1206   18-Sep-09  
Lewis G Rosenthal  802.11n ratification slated (now) for January, 2010  1311   02-Mar-09  
Lewis G Rosenthal  802.11v coming in 2010  2151   02-Mar-09  
Lewis G Rosenthal  [Fwd: 2007 Edition of Syngress Security Library Unabridged]  6208   11-Jan-07  
Lewis G Rosenthal  [Fwd: [eCS TestTeam] Donation for GenMAC-development]  8602   26-Mar-07  
Ed Durrant  [Fwd: [OS2Wireless] LinkSys firmware emulators]  5064   15-Feb-10  
Andy Willis  [Fwd: Invitation to Present at WS2006]  3140   01-Nov-06  
Andy Willis  [Fwd: Re: [lug] ATT&T mobile broadband]  3808   17-Mar-09  
Kris Steenhaut  [Fwd: Re: [Thinkpad] OSX on a T60?]  5293   21-Nov-06  
Stuart Gray  [Fwd: RE: You call for help on Wireless networks]  3712   15-Mar-07  

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