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Zadeva: Status on WPA
Datum: Mon, 09 Oct 2006 19:35:15 +0200
Za: Lewis G Rosenthal <os2-wireless_users@2rosenthals.com>

Hi Lewis,

I have the XWLAN V3.00 ready to ship, but have to wait for the Genmac V2.0 release( they are intended to ship at the same time) - so please do not spread the word yet. When a Genmac V2 beta is availabl, I would be glad to include you in the beta test circle.

I don't know if you will show up at Warpstock next weekend (sorry, I will not, but) I have set up a presentation on XWLAN 3.00 / WEP / WPA topics.I would like to pass that over to you so that you have information available in case somebody asks you.

Concerning WEP and WPA I have collected some information to explain why WEP is weak and why WPA is safer. (BTW, no, the IV of 24 bits is _not_ part of the WEP key ;-) ). Perhaps you find errors in the presentation, or sombody else has other/more information. My sources were wikipedia and c't website (german computer magazine) - see the ULs in the comments of index.html.

I would be glad if you can have a look at the material.

thanx, Christian


Christian Langanke
Team OS/2 Ruhr e.V.

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