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Zadeva: Re: [OS2Wireless]Re: OT: JFS file recovery (was:hi All i know this is off-topic)
Datum: Fri, 10 Nov 2006 09:40:38 +1100
Za: OS/2 Wireless Users Mailing List <os2-wireless_users@2rosenthals.com>

OK, Rick, I think we can both say that we took "umbridge" at phrasing used in each others texts - lets drop that.

It is, unfortunately, still an issue with eCS that new hardware support takes longer to come along for eCS than for Linux and of course the manufacturers always produce Windoze drivers.

I agree with you that there are too many issues on that particular T60 model - I had a T42 working fully (except for the dial-up modem) under eComstation 1.2 and have a T30 working now, just as well under eCS 2.0 beta - but in both cases these use older chipsets.

I thought you were going to say the WiFi is a 2945ABG or a 3945ABG - it doesn't help you however several people have reported issues with these cards and Genmac The requirement I believe is being worked on. If your T42p uses a 2945ABG, you're probably still going to have issues, however if it is the 2200BG, that one seems to be the one that works the best as a Mini-PCI card in Thinkpads with GenMac. I have this card in both the T42 and added one successfully into the T30.

Without suitable video drivers a laptop is a real "dog" I don't know what is planned in the next release of Scitech SNAP.

I have two different Intel Pro/1000 drivers that I could send you directly to try - you'll need to give me your e-mail address however as this list hides the senders e-mail address - I guess to protect against SPAM.

However I think you're at the point where you don't feel like investing anymore effort - which I can completely understand.



Rick R. wrote:
Ed, I was upset because you treated me like someone who could not figure out the difference between a driver loading or not loading or not even being installed.
As I had mentioned in this very mailing list, I have been doing battle with this T60p for over a month now.
And now that I finally got my whole system up & running on it I can say for sure (and yes my professional background allows me to say it as I see it) that it was not worth the effort.
The biggest drawback is the lack of HW support by the SNAP drivers.
W/o that I can;t even run VPC in full mode, much less use WarpVision or any other video tool.
And that I can't use VPC in full mode is indeed lethal in my job, as I do use VPC sessions to emulate all kinds of OpSys environments when I'm on client side (and quite often they better not even know what's under the hood).
Then the UniversalAudio drivers don't work, neither does the E1000 driver for the LAN NIC (and I know it doesn't load because I used <F4> during boot up).
I googled for that NIC and found that only Windoze, RedHat Linux and DOS are supported. OS/2 is specifially denied for the Intel Pro/1000 PL card, as are a variety of other OpSystems, Linux, BeOS and others.
It seems that card doesn't even support all flavors of Windoze.
And as far as the WiFi card is concerned, I could not even find any docu for that beast.
Intel Pro WiFi 3945ABG - I'm sure its listed somewhere under some other name, but it beats me how to address it under OS/2.
I think that the Linux folks also don't have that running yet on the T60p.
And then none of my USB devices show up, even so the drivers all load w/o error msgs.
Maybe or maybe not all those devices will someday be supported.
But I was told at WarpStock not to get my hopes up for any speedy SNAP updates by someone from eCS and I already know I can't use the video HW in productive mode w/o HW accelleration.
Even dragging a simple window over the screen turns into a jaw breaking exercise and I got tons of data stored on USB drives that could not just as well be on the dark side of the moon.
So I'll be selling that T60p again ($$$ down the drain!) and hopefully have more luck with a T43p.

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