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Zadeva: Which router?
Datum: Mon, 23 Feb 2009 03:56:15 +0100
Za: os2-wireless_users@2rosenthals.com

Some time in the future I want to make a wireless connection from one building where there is
a computer and an Internet connection to another building that's about 200ft and several walls
away where I plan  to take my laptop to receive a 'streaming' Internet connection.
I have a wireless notebook card that meets the latest "G" standard. The plan at the moment is to use this service only occasionally  so a wireless routers come
to mind as the most cost efficient solution.
However my experience has shown me that *not all things are created equal* just like not all
hammers are the same.  Some are useful in pounding nails and others are suitable to be used
with a chisel.
My problem is compounded by the fact that there are, in my area at least, three Companies
that offer wireless routers for sale and they all look the about same from the outside (or on the
box) with one, two or even three antennas.
Another problem that I'm facing is lack of experience, and now I'm trying to catch up.
I think I understand what the multi-antenna thing is about.  It's about dual-diversity.
My latest excursion into a very big electronics store, I spied a replaceable antenna that
is suppose to add 7db of gain to the wireless router.  Naturally it wasn't free.
So!  Will I be able to use the wireless notebook adapter that I already own with off the
shelf equipment?   And if so, which one?
I seem to recall using a wireless router in the past where the output was adjustable.
Any suggestions?


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