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Zadeva: [OS2Wireless] File and Print Sharing becomes inop when two NIC adapters
Datum: Fri, 18 Feb 2005 10:29:22 -0600
Za: os2-wireless_users@2rosenthals.com

Hi Neil,

Comments embedded,

Neil Waldhauer wrote:

On Thu, 17 Feb 2005 22:34:08 -0600, Stuart Updike <stuupdike@mindspring.com>


Would that indicate that maybe I don't have the network set up properly?

Well, I pointed out in my previous message that I didn't know how to get what
you want to work going. I also pointed out a work-around.

I am exploring your suggestion.

I'm happlily doing NETBIOS on the wire, and ftp via NetDrive on wireless.
NetDrive also allows me to mount my server drive when I'm at a client site. It
is so much better that way than NETBIOS that I just stopped looking for a

I would agree that NetDrive appears to be a good solution for bringing resources into your computer and uploading to FTP.  I have downloaded the program and have started learning about it.

Do I understand correctly that if I attach another laptop's shared directory to my computer via NetDrive, I will be able to write to that shared directory assuming permissions allow it?

In the above scenario, NetDrive would not permit the other laptop to have access to my machine?

You don't need any Windows networking. There are other ways to share and use

Well, my goal is to be able to have all the files the group needs in my share directory when we arrive and let the group download them as they have time.

For your meetings, you can be attached via wire -- they can do the wireless,
and everything will work.

Actually, as long as I have only one adapter installed in Adapters and Protocols, either the Intel wired card or the Cisco wireless card will interact properly with File and Print Sharing.

But if you do get NETBIOS working on a second, removable adapter, post it here.

I certainly will, but you'll probably hear me shouting with joy without the use of a computer!  :o)


Take care,

Stu Updike
Bedford, Texas

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