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Subject: 802.11v coming in 2010
Date: Mon, 02 Mar 2009 13:31:11 -0500
To: OS/2 Wireless Users <>

802.11v defines a standard for allowing wireless configuration of associated devices (Wireless Network Management). Supposedly, 802.11v will allow devices to be powered on via wireless magic packets (i.e., wireless Wake On LAN). It also has a feature called RTLS (Real Time Location Services) which notify the wireless client if an AP is overloaded and/or if another nearby AP on the smae network might be a better option (even if the signal strength is slightly lower).

Just what we need: another 802.11 definition (soon, we'll run out of letters).

Anyway, some links for those of you who may be interested:


PS - I have no idea how the inclusion of 802.11v support in Win32 drivers might be leveraged by GenMAC and/or XWLAN...

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