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Date: Sat, 22 Feb 2003 17:55:31 est5edt

I've set up List-2-Web to publish the list on the net. I'm going to update the welcome message to reflect this. Meanwhile, note that the page formats will be changing shortly (I've got my web guy on it as I write this), though my intent for the short term is to provide pages which are as broadly compatible as possible, even with text mode browsers (no frames, etc.) I've given Brian (my web designer) strict guidelines including "NO FLASH!!" (he does most of his work in Flash, including our site).

The url for the archive is (note that this will port-forward to port 81, as my web server is on a non-standard port; if you're behind a firewall, you'll need to be able to retrieve HTTP over that port in order to reach the archives).

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