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This should provide your solution!  Read the following from the bottom up...


Randy Fowler
Columbia, SC


Here is a revision of the driver that includes APM support.  As this is
unreleased and unofficial, please do not redistribute this.  If you know of
others that would benefit from this driver and would be will to test, please
direct them to me such that I can keep them updated also.  Thank you very much
for testing and any feedback that you may have!!!


(See attached file: E100B.OS2)(See attached file: E100BEO2.NIF)

Richard R. Spurlock, Vice President
Starfire Engineering & Technologies, Inc.
2429 Iowa Street, Suite K, Lawrence, KS  66046-4075 USA
785-842-1111  Phone             785-842-8811  Facsimile

"Randy Fowler" <> on 08/22/2002 10:01:33 am

Please respond to "Randy Fowler" <>

To:   Richard R. Spurlock/Starfire@Starfire
Subject:  Intel nic support w/ power mgmt for Thinkpad T22

Hello Richard,

Please help. I need intel nic support with power management for a Thinkpad T22.

I removed the modem only MiniPCI that came with the unit and replaced it with an
Intel Pro/100Mini PCI combo card (IBM Mini PCI 10/100 Ethernet-56K modem

The NIC functions OK using the "Intel PRO PCI Adapter" driver but it will not
survive a Suspend/Resume cycle.


Randy Fowler
Columbia, SC
Phone: 803-600-7434

On 5 Aug 2002 23:27:22 -0000, wrote:

>   Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2002 14:50:37 -0500
>   From:
>Subject: Re: t23 suspend does't work and no modem drivers
>Please contact me directly for intel nic support with power management
>A series, T series, and others).
>The modem drivers are currently under development - I'm not sure of the release
>time frame.  I've reverted to using a PCMCIA 56k USR Megahertz modem.  Works
>nicely under all of the OSes that I boot.
>"ajcl97" <> on 08/04/2002 11:47:21 am
>Please respond to
>cc:    (bcc: Richard R. Spurlock/Starfire)
>Subject:  [nb2discuss] t23 suspend does't work and no modem drivers
>Has anybody gotten the t23 suspend to work? I have the latest nic
>drivers. The only way I can get the suspend to work is to rem out the
>nic driver(intel pro). I was told last march that a fix was being
>worked on,but nothing so far. Also the internal modem doesn't have
>drivers yet. I end up using a old 14.4 pcmcia card fo modem support.
>And the T23 was claimed to by "fully supported" by IBM. I have been
>screwing around with this for almost a year now.
>Another thing the dual display doesn't work. you can either display a
>image on the lcd or the external vga not both at once.  I wished I
>kept my old 770z everything worked fine.


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