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Sujet: OS/2 Wireless Users List: Thinkpad Suspend
Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2003 16:20:42 est5edt

Hehehe... I just looked at the EtherJet driver version I'm using (T20; same NIC):

11-05-97    3:05a      23556            0  e100b.os2

I guess I should look for a slightly newer build, huh? :-) I haven't seen the
problem that Al describes because I don;t let my systems go to sleep. I'm on
NetWare networks most of the time, and the OS/2 requester doesn't auto-reconnect,
so it gets to be a pain to have to stop & start the NetWare stuff manually (though
I did script a restart procedure which takes some of the work out of it, save the

Neil Waldhauer wrote:

>On Fri,  14 Feb  2003  23:22:06 est5edt, "BBF Tech. Support"
><> wrote:
>> TP21  2647
>I am also using this model. I have not got that problem with the internal NIC.
>I'm using this driver
>2-14-02   1:12a         23,492       0 a--r  e100b.os2
>Earlier drivers supposedly had problems on restore.
>Neil Waldhauer,

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