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Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 23:24:05 est5edt
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believe it!
Thanks for sharing

On Fri, 14 Feb 2003 20:17:29 est5edt, Lewis G Rosenthal wrote:

>Okay, I know this is slightly off-topic. The humor of it just struck me.
>While looking up some links for Al on the ThinkPad support page, I came
>across the installation instructions for several operating systems for
>the  8/2002 release of the Intel mini-PCI NIC driver. Check this out:
>For NT  4:
>Update install
>To update the device driver and power management driver
>Ethernet Device Driver
>    1. Start Windows NT  4.0.
>    2. Extract this package onto the hard disk drive.
>    3. Click Start, select Settings, and then click Control Panel.
>    4. Double-click the Network icon.
>    5. Click the Adapters tab.
>    6. Select Intel PRO/100 SP Mobile Combo Adapter.
>    7. Click the Update button.
>    8. Specify the directory name with the full path name where you
>extracted the package in the step  2 in Insert Disk dialog box.
>    9. Click the Continue button.
>   10. Click the Close button.
>   11. Click Yes when prompted to restart the computer.
>(There's another section of ten steps to follow up with the power
>management driver.)
>For  98/Me, there are  18 steps to updating the driver. For  2000, there
>are  20 steps, which are preceded by  6 steps to disable power
>management on the NIC first. For XP, the same  6 steps, followed by  12
>steps to installing the driver (you know where this is headed, don't
>For OS/2, the instructions are as follows:
> OS/2 driver is included in OS2 subdirectory in this package. To install
>or update the device driver, use the standard tools provided by the
>operating system and point to the media or directory containing the
>drivers, such as follows:
>    1. Double-click OS/2 System.
>    2. Double-click System Setup .
>    3. Double-click MPTS Network Adapters and Protocol Services.
>    4. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen.
>I didn't even touch on the clean install instructions for the Windows
>variants, which are about  30% longer. I know that there are a few steps
>involved in the MPTS configuration, but you have to admit that one of
>the following situations has been illustrated by these directions:
>  1.Windows users need more hand holding than OS/2 users (usually true,
>     in my experience)
>  2.Windows is nowhere near as "user-friendly" as M$ would have the
>     public believe (also true; just spent over an hour fixing a broken
>     cdplayer.exe association on a W2K workstation this afternoon,
>     following a failed RealOne Player install)
>  3.Some combination of the above two points
>Just felt the need to share that with the group!
>Lewis G Rosenthal, CNA
>   Rosenthal & Rosenthal
>Accountants / Network Consultants
>  New York / Northern Virginia 
>Team OS/2  / NetWare Users International
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Allan L. Stephan (Al)
Director ITS
Largo, FL
OS/2 loves ya baby!


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