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Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 20:17:29 est5edt

Okay, I know this is slightly off-topic. The humor of it just struck me.
While looking up some links for Al on the ThinkPad support page, I came
across the installation instructions for several operating systems for
the  8/2002 release of the Intel mini-PCI NIC driver. Check this out:

For NT  4:
Update install
To update the device driver and power management driver
Ethernet Device Driver

    1. Start Windows NT  4.0.
    2. Extract this package onto the hard disk drive.
    3. Click Start, select Settings, and then click Control Panel.
    4. Double-click the Network icon.
    5. Click the Adapters tab.
    6. Select Intel PRO/100 SP Mobile Combo Adapter.
    7. Click the Update button.
    8. Specify the directory name with the full path name where you
extracted the package in the step  2 in Insert Disk dialog box.
    9. Click the Continue button.
   10. Click the Close button.
   11. Click Yes when prompted to restart the computer.

(There's another section of ten steps to follow up with the power
management driver.)

For  98/Me, there are  18 steps to updating the driver. For  2000, there
are  20 steps, which are preceded by  6 steps to disable power
management on the NIC first. For XP, the same  6 steps, followed by  12
steps to installing the driver (you know where this is headed, don't

For OS/2, the instructions are as follows:

 OS/2 driver is included in OS2 subdirectory in this package. To install
or update the device driver, use the standard tools provided by the
operating system and point to the media or directory containing the
drivers, such as follows:

    1. Double-click OS/2 System.
    2. Double-click System Setup .
    3. Double-click MPTS Network Adapters and Protocol Services.
    4. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen.


I didn't even touch on the clean install instructions for the Windows
variants, which are about  30% longer. I know that there are a few steps
involved in the MPTS configuration, but you have to admit that one of
the following situations has been illustrated by these directions:

  1.Windows users need more hand holding than OS/2 users (usually true,
     in my experience)
  2.Windows is nowhere near as "user-friendly" as M$ would have the
     public believe (also true; just spent over an hour fixing a broken
     cdplayer.exe association on a W2K workstation this afternoon,
     following a failed RealOne Player install)
  3.Some combination of the above two points

Just felt the need to share that with the group!
Lewis G Rosenthal, CNA
   Rosenthal & Rosenthal
Accountants / Network Consultants
  New York / Northern Virginia 
Team OS/2  / NetWare Users International
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