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Subject: OS/2 Wireless Users List: drivers location
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 16:18:04 est5edt

I read in the archive a brief discussion about the location for download
for the few OS/2 wireless drivers that are available.  Just to let people
know other then the Artem driver, which is supported by Artem for their
own cards and the OEM versions (Bintech and Jacaranda Blue Wireless
PCCard), the other drivers I am aware of are not publicly supported by
IBM, even though they wrote them and one of them is for their own device.
The VOICE web master was told by IBM to remove the link to the Cisco 340
driver that we had on the Warpdoctor site.  They stated that the driver
was written for a private customer and was not available to anyone else.
IBM Austin has had the GA version of the IBM High Rate Wireless driver for
almost a year now and has refused to release it.

So what's my point?  If someone downloads one of these drivers from hobbes
(or anywhere else) and has a problem, if they complain to IBM, IBM's
repsonse will almost certainly be to ask the site to remove the driver.

Does anyone know of any publicly available wireless card drivers (other
then the Artem of course) for OS/2-eCS that IBM can't put the screws to?
I've been recommending the Artem cards when asked, but for users outside
of Europe these cards are on the expensive side.  Especially compared to
the cheap and widely available Linksys, Belkin and others.



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