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Subject: [OS2Wireless] Is it time to commission a driver project apart from GenMAC?
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2007 10:04:02 -0400
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Most of us on this list are aware of the current GenMAC situation (which is relatively unchanged from where it has been for the past couple years, to wit, closed source). Is it time to think about "porting" (or adapting) something like MadWiFi ( or one of the Intel-based projects (, or

While reinventing the wheel is never a task to be undertaken lightly, perhaps another wrapper project - open source - would be the best way to go? What would it take? Who would be interested to step up to the plate either with financial support (for test equipment, etc.) or with programming talent?

We all appreciate Willibald's efforts, and we appreciate Thorolf's constant monitoring of the GenMAC mailing lists; this goes without question. That said, *I* don't see the situation with the code changing anytime soon (a wrapper project such as GenMAC, which distributes driver packages published by others may indeed have some infringement issues; however, a project which distributes the wrapper *only* and then has directions for where to obtain Win32 drivers, unpack them, and install the necessary components - or a semi-automated script to download, unpack, and install - would likely not violate any such terms).


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