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Zadeva: RE: [OS2Wireless] Wireless router
Datum: Sat, 27 Mar 2010 18:09:16 -0000
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RE: [OS2Wireless] Wireless router

Thanks Mike

Now have seamonkey running wirelessly


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KNIBBS P.M. wrote:
> Sorry I'm a little rusty /stupid.
> The last time I used eCS was before I went wireless and as far as I
> can remember the version of eCS I have (1.1 I think) didn't recognise
> the wireless card on my ThinkPad x31.
> Yep so it's nothing to do with the router...I asked the wrong question.
> What I really need to know is how can I set up eCS to recognise the
> wireless card on my thinkPad
> ....and from where can I get an up to date browser? The one I have....
> Mozilla... is very old and flash etc doesn't work...
> Cheers
> Peter Knibbs
> England

Hi peter (from Australia)

I can only help with the final part of the request. hope you understand
the original recipient has to have everything spelled out explicitly -
you sound like you know what you're doing - so don't take this as being
directed at you! :-)
Following is a copy and paste from a message along the same lines I sent
to another user on eCS 1.2 :

> Hi Mark,
> I see from your message headers :
> "X-Mailer: YahooMailRC/324.3 YahooMailWebService/"
> that (until your following *success* message) you _were_ using Yahoo
> WebMail for your e-mail!
> Noting on that later message the following:
> "User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (OS/2; U; Warp 4.5; en-US; rv:1.7)
> Gecko/20040617"
> I can see that you you're now using (the supplied with original eCS
> 1.2) Mozilla 1.7 - which is very old (2004-06-17!), so I'd suggest
> that you _*immediately*_ download the same one I'm using - [a now
> superseded but super stable - which didn't even have any security
> issues (only _*Windows*_ editions of course!) at the time when
> _*every*_ other release - *including later ones* in the V2.x releases
> did!] from here:
> [http://releases.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/seamonkey/releases/1.1.18/contrib/seamonkey-1.1.18.en-US.os2.installer.exe]
> **
> ** That was the _*FINAL release of SeaMonkey version 1.1.**_ -
> development then went to SeaMonkey 2.0.x
> (which I'm not impressed with!)
> Before installing SeaMonkey 1.1.18 I'd suggest that if you don't
> already have it installed that you obtain the *libc-0_6_3-csd3.wpi*
> from [ftp://ftp.netlabs.org/pub/gcc/libc-0_6_3-csd3.wpi] as I think it
> requires that as a prerequisite!
> You can check whether you already have it installed by running "dir
> <bootdrive>:\os2\libc*.dll /s" and comparing the output to what's
> below (specifically libc063.dll - the big one!) and have that
> particular file - date/time may be slightly different because of your
> timezone!
> [D:\Desktop]dir d:\os2\libc*.dll /s
> The volume label in drive D is ECSV20B4-D.
> The Volume Serial Number is 6FD4:45C2.
> Directory of D:\os2\DLL
> 11/06/07 22:53         48,142      0 a---  libc06.dll
> 11/06/07 22:53         48,142      0 a---  libc061.dll
> 11/06/07 22:53        157,124      0 a---  libc062.dll
> *_11/06/07 22:53      1,349,060      0 a---  libc063.dll  _*
>  1/02/05 10:21        562,710      0 a---  libc06b4.dll
> 22/11/99 11:45        210,916      0 a---  LIBCM.DLL
> 22/11/99 11:45         57,340      0 a---  LIBCN.DLL
> 22/11/99 11:45        192,386      0 a---  LIBCS.DLL
> ....
> Wed 24/03/2010  3:47:57.62 AEST
> [eComStation with 2GB RAM]
> _*Do it now*_ (it's a 14.8MB download) _*AFTER ensuring the
> libc063.dll file is installed*_ on your system!
> Just run the SeaMonkey executable, and it will (or should!)
> automatically import all of the settings/data currently in the mozilla
> 1.7 you have running. Choose a _*different location to install it to*_
> - e.g. if Mozilla 1.7 is in :
> <bootdrive>:\Programs\mozilla.org\mozilla
> (or something similar) - install it to e.g.
> <bootdrive>:\Programs\Seamonkey1118, or <bootdrive>:\Seamonkey1118.
> You can always drag the installed folder to any preferred location on
> your system - e.g. to your Programs *volume* - after installation!
> That way as soon as you have run it - and verified it has imported all
> your mail accounts/browser settings etc., from mozilla 1.7, you can
> then drag the original (mozilla 1.7) *_HDD folder_* to the Trashcan or
> the Shredder.
> Check that just _*that folder*_ is in the Trashcan, (i.e. you didn't
> have something else also currently elected at the time you dragged
> it!) and then empty the Trashcan!

> HTH - Enjoy!
as you are only on eCS 1.1 there *may8 be some other prerequisites.

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