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Zadeva: Connecting through WPA-2 | Signal Boost Options
Datum: Wed, 18 Aug 2010 11:49:40 -0700 (PDT)
Za: os2-wireless_users@2rosenthals.com

[O.T., for the moment . . . ]

Hi Lewis,

This is to follow up on my email to you of 8/3 (shortly before
Warpstock), which was to follow up on the one of 6/14.

I've still had no luck in making a connection here.  Maybe that
56 character key is major overkill, or perhaps the problem will
persist even if I shorten it to a fraction of that complexity,
because some *other* issue is at work here.  (Setting or settings
in the DD-WRT ?)  I've now had an apparent repetition of the non-
connection from the Samsung unit, using a Netgear WNDA3100 plugged
into a different device in another room.  In that case, it went
straight into the tv-set to make use of the Vieracast.  (According
to online sources, that Netgear adapter is supposed to be identical
to the branded one Panasonic sells for 2.5x as much.)  After multiple
passes through the Vieracast setup, I still get "Connection Failed."
I don't think that I screwed up the key _each_ of those times.  
(The Mac address had previously been entered into my Linksys router.)

The above trials were using the WPA-2 / AES selection.  

No doubt, this should be put to the test easily enough with a much
simpler key, and I do retain the original key in that file you

The secondary topic is prompted by the situation at a relative's house,
where after setting up *their* equipment, the best network strength
we've been able to obtain (in two rooms) is a constant fluctuation
between 33% - 49%.  The former stinks, and the latter is rated as
"marginal."  I'm thinking that I am likely to find a result no better
than that here . . . whenever I get the secured connection working.  
So, I'm wondering about signal boost options.  I've ordered an Asus
WL 330GE (said to have multiple uses), and a Linksys WET610N, which
a DirecTV tech recommended for plug-in to their box.  Can the Asus
be used as a repeater, if so what are the steps I would need to take
to enable it as such, and what impact does this have on the security
setup ?  Or, what about one of those Hawking hi-gain antennas ?  (If
those are any good, are they just for the router, or usable _at_ the
remote device ?)

Finally, I am lately getting a small lower-right-corner popup (near
the System Tray in XP) that is much too fast to see, accompanied by a
sort of bubble-popping sound.  I think it goes away when I unplug the
ethernet cable into my computer.  Once source I've consulted seems to
think it may be a warning that my router is beginning to fail.  But, I
see no performance glitches to support that idea.  Could this be some
sort of error message from the DD-WRT ?



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