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Zadeva: WPA-2 Streaming Connection via Linksys Router
Datum: Sun, 29 Aug 2010 13:21:14 -0700 (PDT)
Za: os2-wireless_users@2rosenthals.com

Well, I got zero responses to my post of 8/18 (on the List 8/19,
or in Digest #1473).  So, I could either call someone in (Geek
Squad, or Make-It-Work.Com ?), or embark upon exhaustive trial &
error.  I started with the latter.  It only took me a couple weeks
of spinning my wheels in the sand, but I finally got to a
combination of settings that works.  Along the way, I dropped from
Lewis' original 56-character security passphrase, down to a 26-
character passphrase.  Much less chance of wasting hours on subtle
typos that send you back to square one, over and over again --
especially with devices that don't retain the last string attempt.

Here's what I found out.  You are always reduced to the lowest
common denominator.  At this point, I don't recall whether it was
the Samsung Blu-Ray player with built-in ethernet, the Netgear
"gaming" adapter that is otherwise identical to the DirecTV-branded
unit costing substantially more, or the Netgear USB "NIC-stick"
used in another room, but at least one of those -- and quite
possibly two of them -- support only Upper or Lower case alpha
characters, numbers, and *limited* punctuation characters.  That
is _their_ implementation of WPA-2 / AES.  So, characters from
the original passphrase like "$" "/", or "&" were disallowed.  

The router had to be set accordingly.  Other device settings
had to be changed from 'Auto' to 'Manual', requiring some changes
in the router's DD-WRT settings.  I'm a networking dummy, so I had
to guess and sample, without really understanding the 'Why' of it
or what I was doing.  Still probably don't, but the streaming is
now working, and seemingly pretty well.  I just hope that I haven't
dumbed down the security too much, in this densely packed wireless
networks environment.


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