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Subject: Re: [OS2Wireless] eCS 2.0 GA WPA supplicant
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:29:31 -0600
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Will Honea wrote:
** Reply to message from "Chuck McKinnis"<>
on Sun, 29 Aug 2010 15:33:38 -0600

On 8/28/2010 6:32 PM, Norm Metcalf wrote:
On 08/28/2010 06:15 PM, Chuck McKinnis wrote:
On 8/28/2010 4:58 PM, Norm Metcalf wrote:
I need help. My router conked out so I installed a new router. However
my laptop won't connect. The WPA Supplicant keeps scrolling trying to
connect. The widget doesn't respond to the mouse so that I'm unable to
click on Add/Edit Profile. Is there a way of accessing Add/Edit Profile
through the command line? Or is there a better solution? Norm Metcalf,
Boulder Colorado

Make and model of router? Laptop?

The router is an ActionTEC GT704-WG and the laptop is a ThinkPad A20M.

Have you tried getting to the router using the Ethernet port?

The ActionTEC combo box appears to have had some issues and not very
good reviews.  It does not appear to have full (WEP/WPA/WPA2) wireless
encryption support.

When I installed DSL at my other home in Colorado, I opted for the
simple DSL modem and hooked a D-Link wireless router to it.

You should be able to use the GENMAC command line utilities in
\genmac\bin to at least test things and maybe even get it going.  I
would also consider deleting the GENMAC widget, making sure that you
have a good copy of xwlan installed, and then adding the widget back in.
   You can get the latest copy of xwlan from the eCS 2.0 CD or

To add to Chuck's comment, I found a box full of GT701WG/GT704WG routers and
bought the whole bunch for $20 a few weeks back.  These were all orginally sold
by Qwest for their DSL service and I've used one for several years - like Chuck
and I, old doesn't mean useless but we do have limitations....

The Actiontec firmware supports WEP and WPA/TKIP encryption.  Foggy memory also
tells me that it also connected with a client using WPA2/TKIP but it definitely
failed to connect when I tried to use WPA2/AES.  The WPA2/TKIP may have
actually been a Windows XP fallback to the WPA1/TKIP but I stick to WPA/TKIP.
There is no provision in the Actiontec firmware for WPA2 that I can find but
I'm looking for one of the ddwrt/openwrt versions that may add it.  I figure
that with the whole stack of modems I have for about a buck apiece I can afford
to experiment if I ever: a. find the appropriate source and b. get the ambition
to try it.  I like the modems - only failures I've had with 5-6 I run daily
have been 1 early one to heat and 1 that took a lightning strike to the phone
line cooking the DSL interface.

Norm... sorry for not getting back to you earlier, I read the email but then got called away and your email got lost in the influx.
I don't recall now, but it seems likely that you were set to wpa2/aes so it could be the issue that Will mentions.
I was going to suggest as Chuck did to remove the widget and readd it. You do have the latest xwlan as that is what we installed the other day.  You could also install the standalone widget instead of the ecenter one and try it.

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