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Zadeva: Fwd: [genmac-user] Freight train back on the move for NIC driver development...
Datum: Thu, 25 Nov 2010 13:13:00 -0500
Za: OS/2 Wireless Users <os2-wireless_users@2rosenthals.com>

For those of you on this list who are not subscribed to the GenMAC Users list, I have forwarded Roderick's announcement of new network driver development.

I also understand that Mensys is working with another developer to bring the newer Intel Wi-Fi drivers to eCS, so hopefully, in the near future we won't have to swap out the newer 5100 cards for 4965's.

Cheers/2, and Happy Thanksgiving.

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Zadeva: [genmac-user] Freight train back on the move for NIC driver development...
Datum: Sun, 31 Oct 2010 22:48:50 +0100
Za: genmac-user@netlabs.org

Hello everybody,

While not an easy route and time consuming, I have started a new project. After the development of the Nvidia driver from Nick.
Mensys had the Intel e1000e Intel developed.
Both drivers are based on Linux source code.

A great amount of credit goes to David Azarewicz (http://www.88watts.net). He is the person who worked hard to get UNIAUD to the currrent shape its  in. And that shape has improved a lot!

I have been talking to David to merge the 2 above drivers into 2 project.

The goal:

1. Come up with an as generic as possibly code from so that you can take the hardware depended code from Linux and stick it in the skeleton driver. This has been achieved:
You can browse the code here:

The trick is that the common code when its updated all drivers will benefit from it!

2. David is also working on getting support for the program cable10 in place. This is a program written by Yuri Dario that can do media sensing for Genmac already. Means when you stick in a network cable in your ethernet port software can be triggered to refresh the IP adres via DHCP (if the NIC is configured for that). Apart from Genmac that interfave was lacking on OS/2 NIC drivers.

3. Also support for Xwlan wireless is being build into the skeleton driver. So XWLAN should hopefully be able use ported LInux drivers
out of the box. David has already been looking in how to code this.

Since most of the Multimac code is written in C its easier to understand then the old NIC DDK sample from IBM written in assembler. And if anybody ever finds somebody that wants to write a NIC driver. Don't use that crippled old IBM piece of code unless you know what your doing.
Its filled with bugs!

Once this skeleton driver is finish a new Realtek gigabit driver will be ported from Linux and support for current Intel wireless chipsets will then be done. Time frame not deterimined yet but hopefully somewhere in january of next year.  And of course other people are more then welcome to help out :-) Any volenteers ?

Now time for bed.


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