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Oggetto: Re: [OS2Wireless] XWLan won't install on my T60
Data: Fri, 10 Dec 2010 09:34:52 -0500
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On 12/09/10 10:22 am, Julian Thomas thus wrote :
Hmmm... Try a desktop restore (rather drastic) or...(still thinking)...

Where are you seeing the class in the tree? I just looked for mine, and
for the life of me, I can"t seem to find it.

How about the installation of other widgets? Do they get added as expected?

Classes window screenshot attached.

Thanks. Indeed, this looks normal, and is in accord with what I see.
Only other widgets that aren't grayed out are battery power and two diskfree widgets.

And you can add other new widgets with no problem?
What should I restore the desktop to?

I wasn't thinking back to your original post. Upon re-reading it, it wounds like after the migration, this widget *never* came up. So, a desktop restore isn't going to be of much use.

In the Ecenter Properties notebook, if you go to the Widgets tab and then right-click on the XWLAN Monitor Widget entry, can you access the widget properties normally? I'm just curious, and don't know if this has any bearing whatsoever on the problem; just poking around a little, because I'm running out of ideas quickly.

The XWLAN icon is only greyed out, though? It doesn't show the "No WLAN Card" icon, correct? Perhaps the widget is functioning correctly, and the problem is that we're not seeing the device properly. Again, I'm just thinking out loud. Sorry I can't be of more direct help. You might want to post to the XWLAN list for more specifics, and maybe Christian will have some better ideas.


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