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Subject: Re: [Virtualized eCS] VMWare server - can't get off the ground.
Date: Sun, 02 Jan 2011 00:17:27 -0500
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On 01/02/2011 12:07 AM, Chuck McKinnis wrote:
> I don't think that OS/2 is supported under VMWare.  Runs fine under
> VirtualBox.
> On 1/1/2011 7:51 PM, Julian Thomas wrote:
>> I laid out big bucks to upgrade my CPU to one that includes VT
>> support, but if I try to install eCS
>> 2.0 GA as an os2 VM it won't power on, complaining that there's no
>> hardware virtualization.
>> Board is Intel DG31PR; CPU is Q8400. Host OS is XP.  Bios was updated
>> to latest level, and
>> shows VT enabled (under the security tab).
>> If I change it to "Other 32 bit OS" I don't get that cuss message,
>> but cannot get the virtual
>> console to open (I had clicked the box to go to bios on the first
>> power on) under either FF or IE.
>> In FF I installed the vmware console plugin, but it then cusses about
>> being unable to access the
>> VM console - couldn't get a session ticket.
>> In IE it's worse.  I installed the plugin, and then it comes back and
>> says I need to install the
>> plugin.
>> Any ideas on these issues?
It may be a bug in VMWare, though as I don't use that hypervisor, I'm
not in a good position to say for sure. It could also be something in
the BIOS. Julian, have a look at the following, and focus on the info in
the second link:

If you need more info on the BIOS restore, the instructions are
available from Intel:

Good luck!

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