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Subject: Re: [Virtualized eCS] Virtual box 6.0.14 r 133895, acpi shutdown with AOS 5.0.3 and virtual cpu - 2 cpu success
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2020 08:45:24 -0700 (MST)
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On 2020-01-14, at 12:47:49, Massimo S. wrote:
>Il 14/01/2020 11:27, Massimo S. ha scritto:
>>Il 14/01/2020 00:58, Doug Bissett ha scritto:
>>>On 2020-01-13, at 12:33:32, Massimo S. wrote:
>>>>Hi all,
>>>>i've installed a VM AOS 5.0.3, it seems to runs well
>>>>- the ACPI shutdown of VBOX don't shutdown the VM
>>>>- if i add more than 1 CPU the AOS 503 VM still see only one
>>>virtual CPU
>>>>(ACPI PSD is in config.sys)
>>>>host server is WS 2019 ST.ED.
>>>I recommend not using more than 1 CPU in the VBox
>>>Later versions of VBox work a little better than older ones, but
>>>looks like the support is similar to HYPERTHREADING, and
>>>HYPERTHREADING is not, at all, friendly to OS/2. Using it will
>>>probably result in hangs, after a while (usually less than 10
>>>I think we need more information, to determine what may cause
>>>other problems. ACPI is probably not loading, for some reason.
>>>Which kernel got installed? Try the ACPISTAT command, in a
>>>command prompt.
>>acpi 3.23.09
>>system is operating in PIC mode (Mode 0)
>>kernel is 14.200_W4

This kernel is the Uniprocessor kernel.

>>reailt PSD installed
>i reinstalled the guest VM AOS 5.0.3 with ACPI modern hardware
>and now it see 2 virtual CPUs

I will be surprised, if that doesn't cause hangs.

>shutdown ACPI function still don't work

How, exactly, are you doing the shutdown? I always use RMB and
select shutdown. From there, you have options.

>i've also a small issue
>i must install boot manager to make the guest OS in the VM to
>even if i have the primary partition (about 4GB JFS) startable
>the VM don't boot without boot manager

If you have only ONE boot volume, and it is drive C:, and it is a
primary partition, you don't need Boot Manager (and, I hope you
mean Air Boot, not the ancient Boot Manager, which can have
problems with ACPI). The program shutdown.exe is different if you
use Air Boot. Air Boot also doesn't use a separate partition, it lives
in the MBR.


It is -34C (about -32F), and I need to go out for the morning.

Hope this helps...
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