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Subject: Re: [Virtualized eCS] Virtual box 6.0.14 r 133895, acpi shutdown with AOS 5.0.3 and virtual cpu
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2020 22:33:07 +0100
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Il 14/01/2020 17:45, Massimo S. ha scritto:

Il 14/01/2020 17:29, Massimo S. ha scritto:

Il 14/01/2020 16:30, Doug Bissett ha scritto:
On 2020-01-14, at 10:29:21, Massimo S. wrote:

Il 14/01/2020 00:58, Doug Bissett ha scritto:
I recommend not using more than 1 CPU in the VBox
Later versions of VBox work a little better than older ones, but it
looks like the support is similar to HYPERTHREADING, and
HYPERTHREADING is not, at all, friendly to OS/2. Using it will
probably result in hangs, after a while (usually less than 10

which version on Vbox? here there is the latest 6.0.14 r133895

That one seems to work better than earlier versions, but I still
recommend using only one CPU in VBox. You will probably see
hangs, if you try more than one. From what I see, the second CPU
doesn't make much difference anyway.

which version of host OS? here windows server 2019 standard

I use win 10 PRO 64 bit.

Windows Server is more stable/reliable for virtualization in general
maybe under Win Server there are no issues with multi-cores

my AOS VM is running since this morning i'm doing everything
and it seems rock solid stable


i had my AOS 503 installation, is very feature-poor
no winos2, no usb, no audio, no aspi, no cups, no hpfs, no fat3, no iso-fs,
all dos virtual memory drivers are disabled etc.. etc..

"i had" = "i add" :)

maybe as desktop use it is not so much stable
i use it as a server

eg. i've seen usb drivers doing weird (hang) stuff..
i've really commented a great number of entries in config.sys

this VM have to runs only 3 apps, moylan ftp server, apache and php
and rsync for bkups


after hours of tests it also runs apache ssl+php well
it seems faster than the other server on bare metal

i confirm that i had no hangs or freeze of the VM
but i repeat, i really run a minimal configuration

other very cool thing is that sw handybackup that use
windows shadow copy provider service and bkups the running VM
on another disk in about just seconds


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