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Subject: Accessing network shares from guest (was: Re: [Virtualized eCS][eCS-Technical] VBOX question)
Date: Sun, 13 Sep 2009 19:20:58 -0400
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Hi again...

On 09/13/09 06:57 pm, Cliff Scott thus wrote :
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Sun, 13 Sep 2009 15:45:04 -0400

Hi, Cliff...

On 09/12/09 10:51 pm, Cliff Scott thus wrote :
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Sat, 12 Sep 2009 20:17:06 -0400

Hi, Cliff...

On 09/12/09 08:59 am, Cliff Scott thus wrote :
Has anyone gotten printing to work running W2K as the guest?                
Printing works under XP, but I'm printing to network printers and not locally. Thus, I would expect printing to work just as it would on bare metal.
I just had a thought regarding printing - You say that network printing works
for you. Are you printing via TCPIP?      
Yes, through Novell NetWare, but the printers are all talking IP.
My wife's windows machine on our local
network has the printer shared. I wonder if there is a way to connect to that
share. Do you think that should work? It says it can't see the peer network.
Guess I'll have to play with it and see what happens.

Yes, that's easy. You should be able to browse for a network printer from the Add Printer Wizard (I *hate* those dumb "wizard" things which M$ pushes). If that doesn't work, try entering the explicit share name, e.g., \\COMPUTER\PRINTER . You should be able to get to it. Make sure that the blasted Windows firewall on the host (the machine hosting the printer) is either off or allowing connections to its shares (no, the firewall isn't always modified upon enabling a shared resource...don't ask).
BTW, I thought of putting this on your Virtualization list, but there hasn't
been any traffic there so I figured no one would see it. Guess, if this
discussion goes any further we should to that.

Tried and no connection to the printer. The local peer network is on a
different net than the DHCP in VBox gives. Trying to give the VBox a fixed IP
doesn't work either. I'm using the Nat network access since the other driver
messes up networking on the host computer. The Vbox machine says it can't
access the peer network which I understand since Netbeui isn't loaded. Ideas?

Native NetBIOS is non-routable. Thus, it's not possible to have \\MYCOMPUTER on one LAN segment and \\YOURCOMPUTER on another and have them see each other. However, as long as both IP networks are routed, i.e., connected via a router, such that mycomputer.lan1 (or, can see (ping) yourcomputer.lan2 (, then accessing shares via IP is possible: \\\SHARENAME. Windows understands that the dotted notation implies IP and not NetBIOS, and *should* get the data from one place to the other.

I'm more curious, though, as to what your networking troubles are with the virtual machine. The only card I can't get to work with host networking is the wireless interface. Other than that, wired connections work fine, and my guest has its own virtual interface. It gets an address on the same subnet as my host machine.

Here's a snippet (well, greatly abbreviated, but only for clarity) from PROTOCOL.INI:




      tcpip_nif = tcpip.nif
      TAP_nif = tap.nif
      W14E4X167D_nif2 = W14E4X167D.nif


      DriverName = TCPIP$
      Bindings   = W8086X4224_nif,TAP_nif


      DriverName = TAP$
      HandleArps = 1

In CONFIG.SYS, I am loading the TAP driver, obviously.

A snippet from the xml defining my XP guest says:

       <Adapter slot="0" enabled="true" MACAddress="0800278739B6" cable="true" speed="0" type="Am79C973">
         <HostInterface TAPBridge="lan0" name="TAP$"/>
       <Adapter slot="1" enabled="false" MACAddress="0800271ECE0D" cable="true" speed="0" type="Am79C973">
       <Adapter slot="2" enabled="false" MACAddress="080027ECC3AD" cable="true" speed="0" type="Am79C973"/>
       <Adapter slot="3" enabled="false" MACAddress="080027F5508C" cable="true" speed="0" type="Am79C973"/>

How does this info compare with your setup?

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