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Subject: Re: [Virtualized eCS] Virtual box 6.0.14 r 133895 AOS 5.0.3 tcpip issue
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2020 16:09:32 -0700 (MST)
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On 2020-01-17, at 21:54:07, Massimo S. wrote:
>Il 17/01/2020 21:44, Massimo S. ha scritto:
>>Il 17/01/2020 21:09, Massimo S. ha scritto:
>>>Il 17/01/2020 19:42, Doug Bissett ha scritto:
>>>>On 2020-01-17, at 18:12:36, Massimo S. wrote:
>>>>>now there is a new issue :D
>>>>>if i transfer a big file, after about 20 seconds the IP stop to
>>>>>and you can't even ping it from another pc in the lan...
>>>>>anyone had the same experience?
>>>>Have you still got 2 CPUs defined? Use only one.
>>>no Doug, it's not
>>>it's all the afternoon that i'm running with just one CPU
>>>and i've the stack ip that works completely randomly
>>>(also see that with 2 cores i ftp at 8MB/sec
>>>with one core at 4MB/sec it's not acceptable speed
>>>so if my speed is limited to 4MB/sec i will not use virtual box at
>>>i've seen before this kind of issues
>>>in the past there were IRQ conflicts (on bare metal)
>>i've put up again the AMD PCNet-FAST III and as a "miracle" :)
>>the tcpip is back to work perfectly
>>1 core : 4,4MegaBytes/sec ftp datarate
>>2 cores: 7,4MegaBytes/sec ftp datarate
>i add even more details
>4 cores: 11,7MegaBytes/sec ftp datarate
>i'd say full 100Megabit full duplex datarate
>>for my needs 4,4MB/sec is not acceptable, too much slow for a
>>expecially when they have to bkup GB of data...
>>so the problem is not the multi core configuration
>>the problem is the intel pro 1000 virtual nic
>>maybe the drivers i've used E1000.OS2 and E1000_C.OS2
>>i'd use E1000B.OS2 (multimac32) but it's not compatible
>>any suggestion for the best driver to use in the guest VM for the
>>pro 1000?

Use the Multimac MMLEM.OS2 driver. The IBM drivers never
worked. E1000B.OS2 is the OLD Multimac driver. It will sometimes
work, but not very well. PCNet-FAST III is a 100 Mbit driver.

I am not sure what you are actually seeing with more than one core.
That should not make any difference to network activity, but it can
cause hangs, and other weird things.
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