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Subject: Re: [Virtualized eCS][eCS-Technical] VBOX question
Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2009 10:08:01 +1000
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Cliff Scott wrote:

Yes, that's easy. You should be able to browse for a network printer from the Add Printer Wizard (I *hate* those dumb "wizard" things which M$ pushes). If that doesn't work, try entering the explicit share name, e.g., \\COMPUTER\PRINTER . You should be able to get to it. Make sure that the blasted Windows firewall on the host (the machine hosting the printer) is either off or allowing connections to its shares (no, the firewall isn't always modified upon enabling a shared resource...don't ask).
Tried and no connection to the printer. The local peer network is on a
different net than the DHCP in VBox gives. Trying to give the VBox a fixed IP
doesn't work either. I'm using the Nat network access since the other driver
messes up networking on the host computer. The Vbox machine says it can't
access the peer network which I understand since Netbeui isn't loaded. Ideas?

Hi Cliff,

 That's correct NetBeui wont traverse IP networks only IP and IPX (Netware) will. You need to go to IP printing (LPD). To do that at the printer end,  you need a printer with a network card set to IP printing or a printer server box (HP, Linksys, Belkin etc) that connects on one side to the printer and the other side to the Ethernet cable.

 I think you said the printer in question is connected to your wife's Windoze PC ?  Windoze itself (AFAIK) doesn't support acting as an  IP print server, however I am sure there will be third  party software that will allow it.

 Just another thought (but it can be tricky to get working) - if you use TCPBEUI (Netbios over IP) from the eCS virtual machine and set up static mapping of the LMHOSTS file on the windows box and in the names list in MPTS - Netbios over IP settings (can't remember what the file is it writes) you "may" be able to get commincation between the virtualised eCS machine and the Windoze PC on the external network.



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