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Betreff: Re: [Virtualized eCS] Virtual box 6.0.14 r 133895, acpi shutdown with AOS 5.0.3 and virtual cpu - 2 cpu success
Datum: Mon, 27 Jan 2020 14:40:27 -0700 (MST)
An: "Virtualized eCS Users Mailing List" <>

On 2020-01-27, at 19:04:21, Massimo S. wrote:
>Il 27/01/2020 13:31, Massimo S. ha scritto:
>>Il 27/01/2020 12:35, Massimo S. ha scritto:
>>>Hi Doug,
>>>i've moved to MMLEM.OS2 AN driver (1.1.3), but i'm still
seeing poor
>>>datarates 4,7-6MegaBytes/sec  laptop -> AOS 503 VM
>>>(the VM is hosted on a intel xeon 8 cores supermicro server)
>>more tests:
>>virtual-nic: AMD 1core 2,5MB/sec
>>virtual-nic: AMD 2core 3,5MB/sec
>>virtual-nic: MML 2core 4,5MB/sec
>>with MMLEM is syrely better
>>but very far for a VM that has his storage on SSD
>>and connected with Intel Gigabit NICs
>>any help?

Well, the AMD device is 100 Mbs, while the Intel device is 1000
Mbs, so you can't compare them. Since NICs work at a limited
speed (very much slower than any modern disk drive, even at 1000
Mbs), I don't know why you are seeing those numbers. My guess is
that you do not have a good setup. You also need to remember to
mark virtual disk drives as being SSD, in the VM, or VBox will
insert seek delays. It doesn't matter what the real disk is.

>i've tried an old eCS2.2b guest on VMware hypervisor ESX 6.5
running on
>the same hardware
>i get about 20MegaBytes/sec ftp datarates...
>same eCS 2.2b on vbox i get 4,5MegaBytes/sec ftp datarates...
>(not talking that with Vbox i can't autostart VMs at boot)

There is a way, but I don't remember how. I am sure it is in the docs

>if i find a free sw for live bkups of VMs under ESX
>i will go with ESX has hypervisor

From the little that I know about ESX, it does not virtualize a
machine. It shares a real machine with more than one operating
system. If it works, use it.

I still think you have a bad setup in VBox, but I don't have the time
to try to figure it out. There was a post, some time ago, in this mail
list, about how to make a modern VBox setup for OS/2 (probably
eCS at the time). If you can find that, it will probably help.

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