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Subject: Vbox 6.0.14 t & eCS 2.2b IBMGU nic issue
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2020 11:15:53 +0100
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Hi all,

one of my VMs runs eCS 2.2b with 1 Core, 3GB ram and 2 virtual NICs
one nic (lan0) has public IP and routing, while the other has a nat ip

after the regular reboot of the VMs (with setboot /b) since 2 days ago
lan0 do not communicate with the rest of the world and my lan too
inside the VM i can only ping its own public IP

while lan1 is working correctly, to have lan0 to work again
i've to completely turn off the VM, after the lan0 works again

it's strange since until 3 days ago all was running perfectly

the nic use this driver:

IBM Gigabit Ethernet Adapter (OS/2) V1.0
(that's the one that the eCS2.2b installer detected)

with this configuration:

[IBMGU_nif]                                                                    DriverName = IBMGU$
RxBufferSize = 8192
TxBufferSize = 8192
Slot = 0x0008

Vbox is set with "Nic with bridge" Intel82574L GB Nic / Inte pro 1000 MT server

any help?



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