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Subject: Re: [Virtualized eCS] Vbox question (pc speaker)
Date: Sun, 10 Jan 2021 16:24:51 +0100
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Il 08/01/2021 18:20, Doug Bissett ha scritto:
On 2021-01-08, at 11:41:17, Massimo S. wrote:

Hi all,

is there any way to use the PC speaker inside an eCS2.x or AOS guest VM?
WS 2019 ST as host



Well, I assume that your windows makes sound. If not, fix that first.

It works, for me. I am using VBox 6.1.16, with ArcaOS 5.0.4, under win 10.

I use the SoundBlaster 16 setting (and driver, in the guest). In the VBox settings, under Audio, set output to on. If you still don't hear anything (I don't), look in (OS/2) C:\MMOS2\MMPM2.INI (it is a text file), and change the " mastervolume=50" line to " mastervolume=90" (or even 99, it is a percentage). Reboot, and see if that helps.

You should review the information at:

It tells you how to set up VBox for a ArcaOS VM. Most, if not all, applies to other versions of VBox, and OS/2 guests.

I use SoundBlaster 16, because it uses far less resources, and just plain works better than the other options. YMMV.

but i've now discovered that even the host machine do not make the classic beep, maybe the mobo has not pc speaker embedded, i must check it


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