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Subject: Re: [Virtualized eCS] Vbox question and cores (AOS 503)
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2021 17:27:42 -0500
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On 12/09/21 02:20 pm, Massimo S. wrote:
Hi all,

is it possible to give 3 or 5 cores to an AOS503 guest VM?

I assume you mean whether you can configure the guest to use 3 or 5 virtual CPUs. If so:

Yes. Give it 16 or 32 cores, if you like, and you have them. How it runs and whether there is any performance gain over one core is debatable, considering the load on the host and other factors involved. The problem is not with the kernel in ArcaOS supporting multiple CPUs but with VBox presenting the CPUs to the guest. Different versions of VBox seem to behave differently. The latest 6.x versions seem relatively stable.

Multiple CPUs require I/O APIC to be enabled, which itself may decrease VM performance.

So, yes, it is possible to "give 3 or 5 cores to an ArcaOS 5.0.3 guest VM." Whether you *should* do that, is entirely up to you.

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