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Subject: Re: [Virtualized eCS] eComStation 2.0 Silver works under VMWare Player
Date: Sat, 19 Sep 2009 08:24:46 +1000
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Steve wrote:
Ed Durrant wrote:
I installed eCS 2.0 Silver under the free VMWare Server for Windows and the image created there runs under the Free VMWare Player application.
Hi, Ed!   Well, I converted a working Virtual PC VM, and it hangs at the logo just like you experienced.
Did you use the standalone convertor for that?

Are you sure you have the latest version of VMWare player? Did you download it new or use the one that came with VMWorkstation? I'd be tempted to download new.

Does it eventually carry on after say 5 minutes or is it totally stuck?

I think creating under one version of VMWare product and switching to another is more likely to work as I think VPC and VMWare provide different emulated hardware to the virtual client, so drivers will need to be changed.
I registered for and downloaded a copy of Server 2 this afternoon.  Would you have any idea how much disk space it requires, not counting virtual machines?
As you have to de-install VMWare Server before it allows you to install VMWare player, I can't look to see how much space VMWare server needed. I'd take a guess at 2GB but that really is just a guess and could be way off.
Also, is it likely to disrupt my Workstation setup like Virtual Box did?
Virtual box still works on my WXP system alongside VMWare Server or VMWare player. I can't comment on VMWare Workstation.
If push comes to shove, I suppose I could install Server 2 on Linux and create an eCS virtual machine there, but I'd rather not.

General rule - backup all of your existing virtual images and de-install all virtualisation products, then install the one you want to test.
BTW, I'm glad you piqued my interest in virtualization!  I'm learning a bunch, but way too slowly! :^)

Yeah, and the big problem is that it's a moving target, things are changing.

Has anyone got QEMU/2 running stably yet ?

(still can't imagine why MPTN is running early in phase 1!)



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