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Subject: Re: [Virtualized eCS][eCS-Technical] VBOX question
Date: Sat, 12 Sep 2009 22:16:19 -0600
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Cliff Scott wrote:

I just found that I had already downloaded the 1.6.1. The date on the readme
and Zip file it is 5/31/08 and the readme.os2  calls itself SVN r9190, what
ever that means. The FAQ and Whatsnew are titled as ver 1.56 OSE and are an
older date. Is that what you were referring to? Running the new version the
"About Vbox" says it is 1.6.1.

SVN is the versioning tool used for the code repository for VBOX.  r9190 is the revision number (each checkin increments the revision).
1.6.1 I believe is the last version anyone has gotten to work under OS/2.  My own build of 1.6.5 would not function and neither did Paul's.  Version 2 and beyond has a QT4 requirement for the gui interface but was not the problem for 1.6.5.  QT4 will allow building attempts again.

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