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Subject: Re: [Virtualized eCS] New VMWare Workstation (v6)
Date: Wed, 09 Dec 2009 14:39:33 -0600
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Ed Durrant wrote:

 Just a short note to say that VMWare have released a new version of their Workstation product and there is a free 60 day trial download but so far I have been unable to get eComStation to install to it. It hangs at the eCS logo. It's strange that other VMware products can run eCS but this one not, I'll keep trying different combinations of VMWare machine set up parameters and eCS Install pre-boot menu settings, but considering how easy it was to get the eCS install to work under other VMWare products, this does look like it wont work on the new VMWare Workstation product.

Hi, Ed!

Are you sure what you have is Workstation v6?  The latest, and recently released, version is v7.  I've tried installing RC7 on both v6 and v7 without success. If you manage to make it work please let me know how.

While I'm thinking about it, is there an ESX product, as well as the ESXi you are running?  Their web site, in addition to being circular,  is more than a little confusing.  :^)



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