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Subject: Re: [Virtualized eCS] Printer support
Date: Sun, 23 May 2010 08:10:38 +1000
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Doug Bissett wrote:
This may be common knowledge, but I never heard about it before:

My brother got a Canon Pixma MP620 printer, which doesn't work all that
well with eCS (it almost works, using the CUPS printer driver). It is a
printer that can optionally be network attached using WiFi. He has
WinXP installed in a Virtual PC 5.1 system, under eCS 2.0 RC6a, which
has network support. It was easy to connect the printer using the
network attachment, and it works great. Even the scanner works. The USB
part also works, but the only part that I got working was the photo
selection from a SD card. Other parts may work too, but I didn't have
the time to try that out.

Hope this helps somebody...
I've been trying to get a sort of Wintendo print server in virtualbox working for sometime - it would of course only work over network connectivity - I take it you are "riding" on the eCS Wifi support to get to the wifi enabled printer. I have never found a way to have the data "captured" by a Win32 program and auto sent to the printer without hitting the printer driver problem however - I need something to convert incoming standard (i.e. PS or PCL) data into native printer language within the Wintendo Virtual session. Haven't found anything that works so far. If I could do this I could load a stripped down (and locked down) Windoze image in Virtualbox (or VPC/2) and have it running to take care of printing to any Windoze compatible networked printer.

By the way I guess you know the latest versions of CUPS/2 work via USB as well as parallel and network?



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