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Subject: Re: [Virtualized eCS] Printer support
Date: Sun, 23 May 2010 17:05:25 +1000
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Doug Bissett wrote:
On 2010-05-23, at 11:54:47, Ed Durrant wrote:
Doug Bissett wrote:
So you are saying you have been able to get the Windoze WiFi drivers to see the WiFi hardware in the host system via the virtual switch?

Actually it should be possible to use the WiFi link, BUT windows guest
only sees the virtual wired link supplied by the Virtual Switch
software. It knows nothing about the WiFi that eCS can use. WiFi is
nothing more than a cable replacement between a NIC and something else
(usually a wireless router). Think of it as a .............

So are you saying it's seeing the cable NIC then?

I thought when using the virtual switch, it still saw the virtualised NIC - DEC 24440 or something (or in later versions optionally an Intel E100 NIC) - so are you saying that the windows OS running under VPC/2 sees the actual NIC hardware in the host machine and does not go via the OS/2 NIC drivers?

No, that doesn't work. It *may* be possible to do that, if the virtual
machine software could be made to expose the actual hardware to the
guest software, but it currently doesn't do that. All that the guest
sees is the virtual cabled NIC. At the other end of that "cable", the
"physical" link to the router can be a WiFi link, but the guest knows
nothing about that.

OK, so it's as I thought it worked then, nothing new here, just that you can access network attached devices (including printers) from within the virtual machine and use windows printers drivers to print to the network printers from the Windows OS.



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